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Henin Kommunikation

Not just a publisher, not just an agency: Your experts in hotel marketing, PR and strategy in Hamburg

What can you be especially good at?
The things you love!

Since 2005, Henin Kommunikation has focused on the finer things in life: hotels across the world, travel and lifestyle products of all kinds are our natural home and passion.

With more than 13 years of hotel experience and a selected team of experts, as a Hamburg-based agency we can support you in hotel marketing and PR and develop an appropriate strategy for your brand. We are very well acquainted with the processes within a hotel and will integrate into your team in a transparent and target-oriented manner with a clear hands-on mentality and quick implementation with a love of detail. We speak your language, can recognise your strengths and weaknesses at the first glance and communicate your products accordingly.

Together with you, we will draw up an authentic, effective communication strategy. Terms such as F&B, RFP and OTA are part of our everyday life. Even when it’s about forging new paths, we’re on your side and will help you to develop scalable goals, solutions and ideas in order to establish your brand in the best possible way.

As the publisher for the international lifestyle magazine Le DELUXE Hamburg, which we have produced since 2014, our agency also has considerable expertise in corporate publishing.

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